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~ Ty and Leilani ~

Ty and Leilani have the most adventurous dating & wedding story I’ve ever heard! After getting married in South Africa last November, they are back in Utah to work for the summer then will take off to Oklahoma this fall. You can read all about their awesome adventure here. On top of being absolutely gorgeous, these two love birds are full of laughter and are obviously still enjoying “newlywed bliss”.

I feel like I have been waiting ALL WINTER for a session like this! I have been dreaming of green grass and purple mountains for months! We had scheduled this session for last Thursday evening. All that day the sky was moody and threatening rain. We talked about cancelling but at the last minute decided to go for it… and we are all so glad we did! We got just the right amount of rich light thanks to the beautiful overcast sky. My shoes were soaked from tromping through the dewy grass, but it was totally worth it!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful couple as much as I did…

MJ - June 4, 2011 - 7:03 am

Beautiful. Love the bike too…I should charge a rental fee!!!

Old Main Photography - June 8, 2011 - 2:51 pm

How much do I owe you?? 😉

~ B Family ~

This darling family has been waiting to do their pictures since before Christmas, but we never could get our schedules (or the weather) to line up right. Now with Spring in full bloom, and well-timed breaks in the constant rain here, we were able to capture some fantastic shots of these cuties.