Alison’s wedding

This has been an awesome summer! So much going on with sessions, family reunions, etc. My clients have had priority over my blog, so I’m afraid I’ve fallen behind in my posts. Oh well. One of my favorite sessions this summer was Alison & Chad’s wedding, which took place in May. I LOVE seeing brides and grooms together. They have such an exciting energy, and don’t mind posing together at all! Alison and Chad were just meant to be. This was a beautiful wedding.

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Alison and Chad

These two love birds are getting hitched in just a few weeks. They are so in love, and so happy to have found each other that I couldn’t help smiling the whole time. Our good friend and professional stylist, Rachel, came along to lend her expert eye, tweaking and perfecting every hair throughout. Thanks, Rach!

My favorite part of the session was when, halfway through, I requested some kissing poses and Alison responded, “Finally!!” After that, the giggles wouldn’t stop. Love = laughter.

This last photo was her favorite. Alison was so prepared and even emailed me links to poses she wanted to duplicate. I love, LOVE it when clients know what they want and let me know it, too! This was really such a fun experience for me, and I hope you had a good time too. Thanks, Alison!

Jamey - April 12, 2010 - 4:16 pm

Those turned out so great Amber! They are a very cute couple! I’m so excited for them both!!

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B. Family

So my good friend J. called me last minute and wanted to grab some family pictures before her brother left on his mission. No problem! Except that the only time they were available was at 6:00 pm, in the canyon, yikes! We had enough light though to get some fantastic shots near this beautifully bright tree, though!

Aren’t they darling? Think how grown up these sweet girls will be when their uncle comes home in two years…

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C. Family

This is such happy family. Happy mom and dad, happy children! They are also my good friends and were fun to photograph!

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